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Frequently Asked Questions by Our Users

Simply Register with an account and post your project details for writers. It really is that easy!
Posting a project for higher ranked writers means you are more likely to get higher quality written content. For example, there are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum ranked writers. Rankings are based on how many projects a writer has completed with a favorable rating which means. higher ranked writers will have completed more projects and maintained a high average rating on this platform. Another option is to use our project manager option when posting a project which will allow a project manager to oversee your project from start to finish helping to ensure the best quality.
Just Register with an account and follow the prompts to qualify as a writer on the site after logging in.
You may write for as many projects as you want, but you can only have one active project at a time.
Writers are paid by PayPal payments to the email that is registered in their account either mid-month or monthly (their choice) after their account balance has reached a certain amount.
Writers are paid approximately 84% of the cost of the content. The rest is taken by a combination of platform and processing fees.
After you submit your content, the requestor has three days to either approve or reject it. If your content is well written, it will most likely be approved by the requester who will then rate you and the funds will be placed int your balance. If for some reason that your content is not approved due to writing poor content (i.e. not following the special instructions, poor grammar or not original content) then your content will not be approved and the requestors project will be returned to the queue for another writer. Please note, you may get a low rating affecting your overall rank if you submit poorly written content.
You have three days from the time the content is submitted to you, to review (approve or reject) the content. After three days and no response (i.e. review) is given for the article, it is automatically approved, the amount is deducted from your account, and the writer is paid. It's very important that you take the time to review any submitted articles to avoid paying for an article that you don't like. With FindWritersOnline you should absolutely NEVER pay for an article you don't like. If you reject an article, it's placed back into the queue for another writer to write. You're charged nothing until the article is approved.